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The Ag Leaders Conference series is designed to help orchestrate a 6 month outlook for grains, livestock, weather, financials and outside markets.

The conference is all recorded, so you can view it anytime, within the comfort of your own home!

As seen in the past, we invited back Drew Lerner with World Weather Inc., to assist with the weather outlook for 2022.  Drew’s presentation WILL be recorded and you can view this for a week after the release date of January 26th.

We are excited to announce a few new added presentations.

Financials: Jeremy Doetch, VP at German American State Bank.

Outside Markets: Steve Georgy, President at Allendale.

Below are some main points that will be discussed in the upcoming AgLeaders Conference.

Grains / Livestock:

Will China ever solve its feed situation?

Will the reality of renewable diesel meet the hope?

Protect your operation with clear marketing advice for both grain and livestock

Inflation’s role in commodity pricing in 2022.

Fertilizer’s role in both acreage and yields for the year ahead.

Will the US consumer’s strong meat demand in the heart of COVID continue in the years after?

Cattle prices are set to soar in 2022. How much of this is will be at the expense of packer margins?


Drought continues from the southwestern United States To Central Canada

When will this end?

La Nina is now 17months old (despite a little break last summer)

How Much Longer Will La Nina Continue?

Canada’s Drought Should Ease in 2022, But What about the United States?

Will Dryness in the U.S. Plains Shift East into the Midwest?

What should we be watching for?

U.S. Southeastern States Drying Out

Is this a problem for 2022?

Converging Weather Cycles Could Make 2022 Weather in U.S., Russia and China Very Interesting


5 Step System to protect your farm’s legacy:

Planning for the next generation

Profitability and cash flow

Establishing a competitive edge

Healthy debt management

Effective tax management

Outside Markets:

Inflation ideas and possible price reaction

Energies and fuel needs

How will the outside markets effect grain pricing?

How past relationships are adjusting (commodities and other countries)

Technical Outlook:

Grains, Livestock, Energies, Equities

Looking at developing patterns

How to control risk with the volatility levels

How to develop tradable plans


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